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Double-sided Tissue Tape
Item No.: DIT-DS-TT
Double-sided tissue tapes is use tissue paper as based material, it's two sides coated with pressure sensitive adhesive, and one side is covered by released material which is easy to peel off.
Common thickness is 0.08mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm.

• Resists stress, fatigue, vibration ,heat ,cold,temperature acrylic moisture, solvents.
• High tensile strength ,high shear and peel adhesion resistance to plasticizer
• Anti-crack,waterproof,anti-chemicals,anti-aging,an-ti ultraviolet radiation.
• convenient and neat

• Envelopes,advertisment,signboard,shoes, leather,carpet jointing,protecting and book mending etc.
• Food packaging, office, clothing, hardware, decoration, furniture, and daily use accessories.
• Medical industry,fill crack,adornment,car mark adhesive.electronic appliances and vehicles ect.
• Packing for electric accessories and protection for glass board, ect.
• Sticking mirror and map,stationery ,computerized embroidery
• Eliminating sound and reducing vibration.
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