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PVC Floor Warning and Marking Tapes
Item No.: DIT-PVC-JS
Product Type: PVC Marking Tape 
Color: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Green, Black/Yellow, White/Red, Green/White
Thickness: 0.11mm, 0.13mm, 015mm, 0.18mm
Width: 12mm-1250mm
Length: 10m-50m

PVC floor marking Tape is composed of PVC film and rubber adhesive, which is widely used for marking and distinguishing of ground and region. It has excellent flexibility, which is characterized by good anti-abrasion and resistance to acid & alkali.

1. Strong adhesion, moderate flexibility and softness, fit perfectly
2. Resistant to abrasion and extrusion
3. Can meet the special warning requirement with bright colors that have a strong contrast
4. Excellent solvent resistance, without glue residue after stripping
5. Weather resistance, comply with environmental quality standards

1. Especially suitable for the marking and division of parking spaces, gangways, fireproofing safe passage in the airports, docks and stations and other public places
2. As symbol for road, column and warning area, as well as pipe protection
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