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Qingdao Daily Industrial & Trading Company is a famouse leader in the manufacturing, researching and development of adhesive tapes in China.
We provide the most complete product line and explored our product range by more than 10 types. Now, Our leading products are PVC electrical tape, aluminum foil tape, cloth duct tape, BOPP packing tapes, masking tape and double-sided tape. all tapes comply with international standards like ISO, CE, UL and ROHS etc. All the production line have automatic computor control system, which control the width, length, thickness strictly and ensure gumming evenly.
The Advantage
Qingdao Daily Industrial & trading Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of tapes in China. Qingdao Daily Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd specializes in PVC electrical insulation tape, PVC pipe wrapping tape, PVC road marking tape, aluminum foil tape, reinforced aluminum foil tape, PE foam tape, acrylic double-sided tape, cloth duct tape, PE warning tape, BOPP packing tape and other kinds of adhesive tapes.
Production Capability and Quality Control
Qingdao Daily Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd has improved integration of production equipment, such as Multi-function Coating Machine, Slitting Machine and Packing machine. Qingdao Daily Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd take quality control as the first responsibility. We invest advanced testing equipment in our lab. Our test equipment include thickness tester, holding tack tester, tensile strength tester, peel adhesion...
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